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WE Learn and COMmunicate Ensemble
Funded by the Erasmus+
Programme of the
European Union

WELCOME Teacher’s Manual

WELCOME Teacher’s Manual will be a handbook designed for ECEC teachers who are in need of innovative and comprehensive resources, competencies and modern approach to manage successfully a heterogeneous class/group and communicate more effectively with children with diverse needs in mainstream preschool educational institutions.  The Manual will help teachers cope with complex realities in the kindergartens and to improve education provision based on their everyday work with children.

The Manual will be divided into two main sections – theoretical and methodological. The former offers in-depth research that will supply answers to the following key questions: What is the state of the art of ECEC provision in the EU? What are the main methods and techniques applied in pre-primary education to integrate children with diverse learning needs? What are the best practices in the field? The main conclusions and findings will be presented in the introduction part of the Manual. In addition, basic definitions (GLOSSARY) will be given in order to provide the basis for a better understanding of the offered guidance. Also, it presents and analyses the most common difficulties teachers meet when managing a heterogeneous group of children in ECEC and ways to approach these.

The methodological part will contain structured activities, methods and techniques for teachers working with heterogeneous groups of children in ECEC as well as practical exercises with children (tiered lessons, group sessions and individualized approach).

The format of the manual will be a ready-to-use resource for teachers to be developed as an official publication, in line with all quality standards for published materials, it will be uploaded on the project website, integrated into the WELCOME app for smart devices, as well as available in paper version to ensure open and wider access to resources.

It will be available in all partnership languages + English and it will be free to obtain and use by all relevant stakeholders and target groups. Where differences in national contexts exist, specific paragraphs will be developed for each language version.

We believe that the WELCOME Teacher’s Manual will be offering extensive know-how and innovative techniques to increase teachers' competencies in a systematic and efficient manner, but also allowing them to be flexible, selective and customised users of guidelines.