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Sdruzhenie "Institut za psihichno zdrave i razvitie"

The Institute of Mental Health and Development is a non-profit organisation that operates for the public benefit. Its main purpose is to develop, provide, promote and implement strategies for prevention, diagnostics and treatment of mental health in such a way as to increase the performance and potential of the individuals in society. All of this is made possible by increasing the activity and gathering the efforts of specialists in the field of mental health in accordance with the public significance of the social issues.

The target audience of our scope of work are: individuals with mental and social functioning issues; parents who would like to develop their parenting skills; children with developmental issues; parents of children with developmental issues; specialists such as teachers, social workers, involved with the integration of children with developmental issues; mental health specialists; children and parents who would like to improve their mental functioning; government and private entities; educational institutions.

The Institute of Mental Health and Development works with children, adolescents and adults for psychological assessments. The Institute also provides training courses for teachers, parents and care workers. The Institute of Mental Health and Development provides information, consultations, diagnostics and psychotherapy.

The main activities of the Institute are assessment and therapy in the area of: disturbances in the mental and social functioning; developmental stages in childhood, about developing activities and techniques for overcoming difficulties;  therapy for dyslexia; therapy for generalized developmental disorders – autistic spectrum; disturbances in language system development; emotional and behavioural disturbances; attachment disorders; consultation for teachers, parents and children with problems; disturbances in cognitive functioning; parenting style and attitudes; school achievements; personality traits; disturbances of the mental and social functioning in adulthood; school readiness/maturity.

We organize trainings for parents, teachers and specialists as follows:

  • training groups for foster parents and candidates for adoption;
  • presenting early predictors and symptoms of disturbances in childhood development;
  • presenting different methods for early identification of risks for developing a disorder;
  • presenting good international practices for integration of children with developmental disorders;
  • trainings in cognitive-behavioral therapy for specialists from the helping professions.

Research and science activities are integral part of our work in the following areas:

  • research and application of best practices;
  • implementation of internships;
  • opportunities for conducting empirical studies for dissertations, theses and others;
  • opportunities for accessing scientific literature from the library of the Institute;
  • standardization of tests for the assessment of mental functioning.

In addition, our work covers the following activities: publishing printed materials on mental health; organizing congresses, conferences, seminars, round tables and more; promoting the activities of the Institute of Mental Health and Development; team building; counseling for employees and their families; organizing communications training for employees in the public or private sector; career counseling; implementing longitudinal and screening tests for disorder prevention.

Our multidisciplinary team involves good coherence between its members and clear definition of responsibilities and scopes of action. The multidisciplinary team includes: clinical psychologists; speech-language therapists; a neurologist; a child psychiatrist; psychotherapists.

In the WELCOME project we will support the design and development of all intellectual outputs.

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