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WE Learn and COMmunicate Ensemble
Funded by the Erasmus+
Programme of the
European Union

The WELCOME Workshops

This output aims to support teachers in conducting workshop activities with children and train other kindergarten teachers on how to apply the WELCOME approach in practice. 

The output will be developed as a practical guide on how to conduct workshop activities based on tiered lessons approach, scenarios to be applied by teachers, working with children, evaluation of activities, drawing feedback from children on how they feel and whether they are better motivated to learn as part of a community, practical arrangements to be thought about by teachers, communication with parents and other relevant stakeholders to facilitate the process, sustaining and upgrading results among children, updating and customising the WELCOME approach.

The workshops will focus on alternative and complementing face-to-face activities to be applied directly with children; and will be based on introducing TIERED LESSONS in pre-school education. A tiered lesson is a differentiation strategy that addresses a particular standard, key concept, and generalization, but allows several pathways for children, based on their needs, readiness, or learning profiles. With the standard and curriculum in mind, teachers will be able to “layer” the education process to meet the learning abilities (above, at, and below the standard level) and specific needs (i.e. SEN, ethnic minority background, socially disadvantaged background, etc.) in a group environment.