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WE Learn and COMmunicate Ensemble
Funded by the Erasmus+
Programme of the
European Union

Základná škola s materskou školou Zubrohlava

Elementary school with kindergarten Zubrohlava school is an educational institution for pre-primary, primary and lower secondary education. Our mission is in cooperation with parents to educate children to become responsible lifelong learners. We want to teach our children their moral stance, as well as provide them with the skills and knowledge to maintain successful life in a constantly changing and culturally diverse global environment. 

In 1939, after 70 years of continuous efforts of six mayors, began the construction of schools in Zubrohlava. Our school complex is situated in the region of Upper Orava and we deliver education in elementary level, as well as ECEC (through our kindergarten). We place emphasis on the English language, as well as environmental education. Our general education primary level covers 9 grades. Our kindergarten has 4 levels, divided in groups of 20-25 children each. Our kindergarten is located in a quiet, off-route place, ensuring excellent conditions for our children. It is associated with the primary school and the school canteens as one legal entity. Kindergarten provides all-day and half-day care during working days. In creating the vision and mission for our kindergarten, we drew on our efforts to build on the principles of creative and humanistic education - to include cognitive, sensomotoric and interactive development of the child. Special emphasis is put on testing "emerging doctrines" and heuristic methods.

Education and care are supplied by a qualified teaching staff, actively involved in transnational partnerships and  projects to promote innovation and increasing the overall quality of the education offer in Europe.

Our school constantly gains experience through implementing various projects aimed at increasing the overall quality of education and care. We actively engage in transnational activities related to raising the quality of teaching extracurricular activities. Our  first experience with international meetings are in cooperation with organizations from Poland and the Czech Republic. We actively design and implement eTwinning projects, which motivated us to work on mobility projects. The participation in projects help our teachers in their work with pupils and enrich our team in terms of methods to be applied in the classroom.

In the WELCOME project we would play an important part during the testing phase.

Školská 238 
029 43 Zubrohlava
Slovenská republika