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WE Learn and COMmunicate Ensemble
Funded by the Erasmus+
Programme of the
European Union

ZŠ M. Alše a MŠ Mirotice

Our institution constitutes a general education provider, consisting of a kindergarten and a primary school, and was founded in 1949. We are situated in the small town Mirotice in South Bohemia. Our kindergarten is targeting children between the age of 3 and 6, but we also have children in the age range 2-7. The capacity of our kindergarten is up to 70 children. 

Children are divided into three classes (levels), according to their age, but our policy allows for siblings to be grouped together. Our team is composed of teachers, who are professional pedagogues with long term experience in working with children.

Our preschool educational program is called "We feel beautiful in the world". We try to make our kindergarten a place of contentment and joy, where we meet together with our friends, teachers and parents and explore the charming world around us, explore nature, and spend as much time as we can in motion. We have developed our own internal system of evaluation and we continuously record progress and needs of children - to ensure each and every child develops in the best possible way. We also organize various events together with parents and other family members of our children and we can say that the atmosphere in our kindergarten is informal and family-oriented.

Our strength is in our team of teachers - with pedagogical experiences of more than 30 years, as well as younger teachers, who bring modern knowledge from their recent studies. We are also open to innovation and our vision is that only through introducing new methods and constant upgrading, we can achieve the main objective of our mission, i. e. to ensure a successful start for all children through high-quality education and care.

We work with children with various special educational needs (SEN) in our kindergarten every year. To address their needs, we cooperate with teachers from other kindergartens, with whom we exchange experience and pay mutual visits. All teachers from our kindergarten regularly attend various courses and workshops and we are eager to learn new methods to apply in our work. We want to enable our children the best possible education and motivate them for development.

In the WELCOME project we would play an important part during the testing phase.

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